Messages have been broadcasted on walls since ancient Rome. Erkki Huhtamo makes a clear point when he writes about  where people started from carved unscripted signs to large electronic billboards. This upward growth on sign usage only allows advertisings or any source of promotion to grow. where is this leading next will billboards be in the sky as we fly in planes or be apart of everyday life projected through out the streets?

persuading the human eye to promote some sort of business has been written on all sorts of odd places and events. In the reading Huhtamo describes printers and bookstores would show novelty prints on their shops windows, creating more foot traffic and promotion. This was a way to lure more people to their shops when they would see these huge engravings. Also at carnivals and other public events advertising strategies were applied using banners to promoted movies, craftsmen and museums.   Advertising also became available on any available public space such as doors, fences, walls and store fronts allowing the message to speak to a larger amount of people because it was in the public.


How do we perceive flashing images when we really don’t even pay attention? Through are  peripheral, are we so use to screens that we don’t pay attention anymore? as if we see them subconsciously and remember them later?


One thought on “MESSAGES ON THE WALL

  1. I think because we are here living in New York City that we forget how remarkable these LED lights and screens are. To tourists they are something spectacular and advanced. As time goes on and as technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, I believe that it will become more and more difficult for most people to see the spectacle of screens and moving images. We are so used to computer screens and cellphone screens that the world is becoming an artificial landscape, and it doesn’t seem to bother most people. Do we remember all the signs and the iconography that we witnessed in a day? Depending on what you are witnessing, I think we choose what to take in and think about, and what we want to ignore completely. I remember what I thought during my glances, “That ad is colorful,” “That ad is using an attractive model,” “That ad is for children.” But I never seem to think, “I need that,” or, “I want that.”
    That is how I take in my journeys throughout the city, but I an sure it is different for everyone.

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